Sunday, June 24, 2012

BREAKING UPDATE: Sierra World Equity Review believes Pfizer(PFE) is looking at Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) BUYOUT!

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Our latest Publisher Pick is Oncologix Tech (OCLG), This Sub Penny Medical Stock Is Getting Ready To Explode, It's 2014 Revenues Just Released Are Up 1500% vs 2013, But It Gets Even Better, The CEO Just Announced That A Huge Acquisition Was Being Finalized! See Why OCLG Could Be Our Best Pick Of 2014

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Here is why Sierra's publisher has initiated along position in Oncologix Tech (OCLG)

Revenues for fiscal 2014 were $3,677,475, up from $244,246 for the comparable period in fiscal 2013. That's a WHOPPING 1500% increase in just a year! Best of all they are projected to continue growing, quarter over quarter, year over year! ( A stock with these kind of revenues and growth trading in the sub penny range is a gift that does not happen often. Now is the time to buy OCLG)

Oncologix Tech (OCLG) has now generated three consecutive quarters of almost $1 million revenues per quarter, for the 4th quarter of fiscal 2014 revenues were $974,575 (Talk about being under the radar, this stock is trading in the sub penny range....but not for long!)

During fiscal 2014, repaid over $1,000,000 of company debt. (A very healthy sign!)

In September 2014 Oncologix Tech (OCLG) completed the acquisition of Esteemcare Inc, a Home Medical and Durable Medical products with $1.5 million in annual revenues. (A sub penny stock acquiring other companies with millions in revenues! That just shows you how undervalued OCLG is.)

At the beginning of 2014 Oncologix Tech (OCLG) also acquired Amian Health Services who generate $1.1 million in annual revenues. (The company focus on strategic acquisitions is working!)

In 2014 Oncologix Tech (OCLG) repaid $78,000 of convertible notes in October and November 2014 from operating capital eliminating approximately 37 million shares to be sold into the market. (This is awesome they are paying debt off with company profits and not through dilution, that along with growing revenues is going to make the share price fly!)

On December 11th 2014 around 10 days ago, Oncologix Tech (OCLG) CEO Wayne Erwin announced the company was in the finalizing stages of yet another acquisition with a durable medical equipment company with annual revenues of approximately $9.8 million. CEO Wayne Erwin stated "With our continued acquisition and growth strategy, we hope to grow annualized revenues to $35 million by year-end 2015....Currently we believe that our stock price does not accurately reflect the success of our operating activities and remains severely undervalued. With the continued execution of our acquisition and growth plan, we feel confident that our stock value will rise in the coming year to its true fair value."

Price Target:
CEO Wayne Erwin was correct when he stated on December 11 2014 that "that our stock price remains severely undervalued." 
On December 19th 2014 Sierra World Equity Review has issued a 6 month price target of .06 cents for Oncologix Tech (OCLG) that represents potential gains of approximately 1800% from it's current levels. As the market corrects itself, those who buy OCLG now stand to realize massive gains!

Oncologix Tech (OCLG) has only 116195217 outstanding shares.

Oncologix Tech (OCLG) is current in it's filings and fully reporting to the SEC with audited financials (another very healthy and transparent sign)

About Oncologix Tech
Oncologix is a fully reporting, diversified medical holding company that operates and manufactures Class II medical device products, delivers Personal Healthcare Services, and Home Medical and Durable Medical products nationally. For its clients, Oncologix provides FDA approved medical devices, state licensed healthcare services and medical product distribution. The Company's corporate mission is to be the best small cap healthcare services holding company in North America.

With over 1 million visitors to our blog and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest Publisher Pick Oncologix Tech (OCLG).

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