Sunday, August 5, 2012

IN 24 hours, Sierra World Equity Review reveals WHO REALLY is buying OCZ Technology Group (OCZ)

Sierra World Equity Review really likes OCZ Technology Group (OCZ). We said we had some great news coming and anytime in the next 24 hours Sierra will be the FIRST to reveal to all the shareholders who REALLY is BUYING OCZ. Here's a hint, it's not who you think! Sierra World Equity Review has been following it's leads, we are very good and very accurate at what we do! Sierra was the only Stock Review who called correctly TWO different FDA recent drug decisions, in fact we called them unequivocally and days in's the proof:
We called it correctly days in advance for two obesity drugs under consideration by the FDA, the FDA had not given it's approval for over 12 years to any obesity drugs yet Sierra World Equity Review bucked the consensus and was CORRECT when when Belviq from Arena Pharmaceuticals was approved by the FDA and also CORRECTLY that Qnexa (Qsymia) from Vivus would be approved by the FDA (just look at the links below for proof!!). Repeating, we are VERY ACCURATE in our predictions and targets.
links to FDA predictions:
published June 26 2012 - Arena and Lorcaserin

Sierra had the last laugh. You too will become a believer when you see just how accurate Sierra is. By the way, unlike others, we are independent,  Sierra World Equity Review is FREE to read, Sierra Arnault has been blessed to have a very wealthy dad and does this as one of her hobbies but Sierra has the resources to really get to the bottom of things....check back, anytime in the next 24 hours Sierra will post her announcement as to who is REALLY BUYING OCZ.....Sierra World Equity Review currently hold no positions in any of the companies mentioned in this the first to read our new posts follow us on Twitter at!/SierraEquity