Sunday, March 15, 2015

Back In The Saddle_Netflix (NFLX) To Meet In Advanced Discussions With The Digital Development Group Corp. (DIDG) Ventures Sierra Equity

Latest Projections: Back In The Saddle_Netflix (NFLX) To Meet In Advanced Discussions With The Digital Development Group Corp. (DIDG) Ventures Sierra Equity. Shares of DIDG finished unchanged following Friday's session. More to follow.....check back as Sierra pursues her leads, look for the official news, when it breaks remember Sierra called this first!

Many of our publisher picks rise 100%, 200% or more once they hit the front page of our blog. Get some, sit back and enjoy the ride! Recent big winners include BSTO, XCLL, HHSE, UAPC, AEMD, XTRN, RGMI, PPCH, TSGL and our last pick GNPT which ran up over 120%

****Our Latest Publisher Pick is The Radiant Creations Group (RCGP)****

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With over 1 million visitors to our blog and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest publisher pick The Radiant Creations Group (RCGP). A bioscience company, with patented technology, strong revenues flowing, new products based on cutting edge technology launching, insiders announcing a share buy back program AND shareholders to receive free shares as a dividend in a spin off of a subsidiary. What is not to like.....RCGP should be trading in the 25c-50c range yet it is trading in the sub penny range near historic lows under the radar! Now is the time to buy RCGP before the market catches up!

Here is why our publisher has initiated a long position in The Radiant Creations Group (RCGP):


-RCGP is a bioscience company that markets unique and proprietary scientific technologies using nucleic acid (NA)  "code molecules" extracted from DNA to achieve exciting breakthroughs creating remarkable products in skin protection and hydration, anti-aging, liver health and weight balance. 
By combining DNA derived technologies developed in the Western World and naturally acting traditional Chinese medicine ingredients believed never before used in western culture by any bioscience company, with applications for the nucleic acid (NA) technologies to be directed at industrial facilities, medical facilities, hospitals, the welding industry, military and homeland security markets the future looks very bright for RCGP.

-RCGP owns the exclusive license agreement that includes patented and patent-pending technologies for the development of innovative nucleotide technologies or nucleic acid (NA) code molecules. Proposed applications and future testing to include identifying methods to enhance protection and to reduce the impact of radiation, thus creating a market for protecting government and institutional public buildings, hospitals, clinics, dentist and doctor's offices and industrial facilities or anywhere there is use of ionizing radiation.

-RCGP Has over half a million dollars in assets! (From it's latest 10-q issued 01/23/2015)

-RCGP CEO Gary Smith stated that the company will be introducing new products to hit the market in 2015 based on their cutting edge technology. The companies first product to be commercialized has been a slam dunk success!

-RCGP  At the start of 2014  "Revivasol" an anti aging product was the first product to hit the market and sales are booming, for the 9 month period ending November 30th 2014 RCGP generated sales of almost $500 000 dollars(From it's latest 10-q issued 01/23/2015)
In order to handle the demand RCGP has build-out the appropriate infrastructure to handle the increased sales volume and sales are anticipated to increase!

-RCGP announced that it will be doing a share buyback program at the start of the 4th quarter this year!. Typically this demonstrates that the insiders realize the business is going to be very successful! By buying back shares on the open market they boost the value to all remaining shareholders, the less shares available, the higher the share price and the higher the value of the company.....a very good thing and a great reason to buy shares now.  (By announcing the share buy back the insiders just gave a great BUY signal!!)


 -RCGP also recently announced that NIT Enterprises, a currently wholly-owned subsidiary of Radiant Creations would be "spun off'' into it's own public traded company and that RCGP shareholders woulds be the beneficiary of this transaction receiving issued shares in NIT at a ratio of 1 for 10. For example, if you have 100,000 shares of Radiant you will be issued 10,000 shares of NIT. (FREE shares what is not to love about that!)

-RCGP has an amazing share structure, approx. 32M O/S, Float of approx. 7M and only 100M A/S. This means that the share price can move higher very quickly!

-RCGP with this tiny S/S, revenues flowing and projected to increase RCGP should be trading in the 25-50 cent range, yet incredibly it is trading sub-penny and under the radar allowing for potentially massive gains for those that invest now before the market catches up!

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