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Crack The Code_Big Pharma Pfizer (PFE) To Make Offer For The Acquisition Of Propanc Health Group Corporation (PPCH) Within 30 Days Predicts Sierra Equity

Latest Projections: Crack The Code_Big Pharma Pfizer (PFE) To Make Offer For The Acquisition Of Propanc Health Group Corporation (PPCH) Within 30 Days Predicts Sierra Equity. Shares of PPCH finished marginally higher over following Friday's session. More to follow.....check back as Sierra pursues her leads, look for the official news, when it breaks remember Sierra called this first!

Many of our publisher picks rise 100%, 200% or more once they hit the front page of our blog. Get some, sit back and enjoy the ride! Past big winners include BSTO, XCLL, HHSE, UAPC, AEMD, XTRN, RGMI, PPCH, TSGL, GNPT, RCGP, IHSI, MLER, SCRH and our last pick PCFTF that rose 160%

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Our New Publisher Alert Is Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) 

Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) posting revenues of over $3 MILLION for each of the last 2 years, revenues now projected to hit a WHOPPING $20 MILLION per year as the company expands it's retail network to 6000 locations across North America through 2016. With assets of over $6.4 million, huge product demand, daily orders, almost $6 million in working capital, the best financials on the pinks, super low float of 3M, solid positive earnings, no debt, no dilution, financing expansion from current revenues.......NO COMPETITION!! Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) is completely UNDERVALUED, trading under a nickel a share Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) should be trading in the dollar range, with clients like Google, Microsoft, Whole Foods, Boston Museum and Cornell University to name just a few. Now is the time to buy shares of Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) while it is under the radar and trading near historic lows 

With over 1.4 million visitors to our blogs and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest Publisher Alert: Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO).

Here is why Sierra's Publisher has initiated a  position in Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO):


For the year ending December 31st 2014 Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) posted over $3 Million in revenues making it 2 consecutive years of posting multi-million dollar revenues.

For the year ending December 31st 2014 Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) had assets of over $6.4 Million

Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) states that "the Company has no debt and is financing its expansion from revenues generated by sales" and the company had working capital of just under SIX MILLION DOLLARS 

Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) states "We plan to have 1,200 locations by Q1 2015 and 6000 by 2016, a number that would generate between $20 and $30 million in revenues. (This is a penny stock in name only, expect an uplisting to a senior exchange or even a buyout sooner than later, what is for sure is NOW is the time to buy shares while they trade near historic lows before the market catches up!) 

April 20th 2015 -Blue Star Opportunities announced that it had completed work on a major condo building project in a plush district in Manhattan and are now in discussions with some of the larger developers in the US and the response is very positive. " We are in negotiations for another 3 projects and 20 other developers are showing serious interesting in our product lines." (This "High Rise" building sector is a new market for Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) and is going to add millions to BSTO's already exploding revenues)

Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) has an excellent share structure with a very small FLOAT of 3.8 million shares and 72M O/S. (This means the share price can rise very quickly!)

(The time to buy Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) is now, 2015 looks to be another HUGE year, just wait until you read below who some of their high profile clients are, currently the share price is UNDER A NICKEL, with it's tiny float this stock should be trading in the dollar range and likely will be in the future!)

Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) states that "We continue to expand our network of company-owned (Duro Design) factory outlets throughout North America and will have a retail presence in America's top 20 markets by the end of 2015." (Expect revenues to continue BOOMING, what a BUY SIGNAL)

About Blue Star Opportunities

Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) manufactures and markets green flooring materials to the construction industry and retail consumers to improve their homes. They also own rights to the Duro-Design brand and product line in the United States. (That is VERY IMPORTANT and it is what makes them such a success, just wait until you read the stunning list of DuroDesign Commercial Client List below, then you will see for yourself how extremely UNDERVALUED the share price of Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) is, currently trading under a nickel)

***Amazing growth, for each red dot (a current location) add 5 more and that will then accurately reflect the projected 6000 DuroDesign Showrooms in the US by 2016 generating revenues in the $20-$30 MILLION range annually!!
 BSTO is trading under a NICKEL, with NO DEBT and growing revenues
With a super low float of under 4 million shares BSTO is a hidden gem UNDER THE RADAR!!***

Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) provides its materials to the retail housing construction and renovation markets, as well as to the market for professional offices, corporate offices, public buildings, and other large-scale structures comprising office towers, museums, churches, and hospitals.

Here is the amazing list of high profile clients that Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) Duro-Design brand has received orders from (as a testament to the quality and professionalism they have received many repeat customers). Prepare to be say WOW:

DuroDesign Flooring: Commercial Client List

Google, Boston Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, University of Arkansas, California State Bar, California State University, Ronald McDonald House, San Diego Zoo Retail Store, Sun Micro Systems, Texaco / Chevron Headquarters, UCLA Library, Whole Foods Market, Aetna Insurance, University of Connecticut, L.L. Bean Flagship Store, Swiss Embassy in DC, Indianapolis Museum of Fine Arts, Vanderburgh Library, Reebok Headquarters, Ford World Headquarters, General Motors, University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Express Scripts, Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Siemens, Prudential Life, Unilever, Caesar's Palace Suites, Cornell University, Hard Rock Cafe, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Public School Libraries, Sony Headquarters, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Temple University, Vanderbilt University, University of Texas, Wells Fargo, University of Utah, University of Vermont, Eddie Bauer Retail Outlets and Pacific Sunwear stores throughout the US, Microsoft, Conoco Phillips, Levi Strauss, University of Toronto, GE Capital
This is just a small cross section of high profile clients , if you have the time and would like to read the ENTIRE LIST here it is DuroDesign Flooring: Commercial Client List
Duro Design products can be found in some of the world's most prestigious commercial, institutional, retail and residential buildings. 

With over 1.4 million visitors to our blogs and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest Publisher Alert: Blue Star Opportunities (BSTO) the share price is only going to rise!

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