Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gevo, Inc. (GEVO) Shares Rise As Buyout Announcement Looms Predicts Sierra World Equity Review

HEADLINE: Gevo, Inc. (GEVO) Shares Rise As Buyout Announcement Looms Predicts Sierra World Equity Review. Shares of GEVO were trading higher up over 17% during Thursday's trading session. Look for the official news, when it breaks remember Sierra called this first!

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Our Latest Publisher Pick is Moller International (MLER) about to go from a developmental stage company to a VERY profitable leader in it's field as the commercialization of it's patented innovative cutting edge Rotapower® engines goes into full swing. Already 3.5 million engines worth $5 BILLION are on order, with the current share price insanely undervalued at around a penny now is the time to invest in MLER while it is under the radar, the share price is going to soar!

With over 1.4 million visitors to our blog and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest Publisher Pick Moller International (MLER).

Here's why our publisher has initiated a long position in Moller International (MLER):


Moller International (MLER) is about to go from a developmental stage company to a VERY profitable leader in it's field as the commercialization of it's patented Rotapower® engines goes into full swing. The Rotapower® engine has been so successful that it is being produced for numerous applications like scooters, motorbikes etc. Now is the time to buy shares of MLER while the company's success is under the radar!

The Rotapower® Engine
Moller International (MLER) has developed a lightweight cutting edge rotary engine technology, called Rotapower®. It is vibration free with twice the power and one third the weight and size of the engine it is replacing designed AND the company has developed for the first and only feasible, personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle the world has ever seen. (Flying cars called volanters the future is here!)

Moller International (MLER) has exclusively licensed its Rotapower® rotary engine production and distribution to Freedom Motors except for aircraft and ducted fans. Everytime Freedom Motors sells an engine Moller International (MLER) gets a cut!!

April 6th 2015 Moller International (MLER) announced that Freedom Motors had received conditional orders, firm orders and letters of intent (LOI)  for over 3.5 million Rotapower® rotary engines valued at a STAGGERING FIVE BILLION DollarsFreedom Motors agreement with Moller International (MLER) provides for a 5% royalty on engine sales and 30% of any revenue Freedom Motors receives from sub-license agreements it makes. At some point it is likely that revenue share will go to 50%-50% and debt between FM and MI would go to zero.

Freedom Motors has contracted with Moller International (MLER) to provide all engine development and now owes Moller International (MLER) approximately $4 million for these services

Alife Automotive headquartered in Singapore has contracted a firm order with Freedom Motors to purchase most of the  first year’s production of Rotapower® engines (3500 of 5000 150cc engines and 1000 of 1500 530cc engines) and fund up to $1 million to cover the cost of integrating the Rotapower® engines into their products and to develop an air-cooled version of the 150cc Rotapower® engine. (Massive revenues!)

Freedom Motors FM is also negotiating an agreement similar to that of Alife’s with a battery company in China who plan to use the Rotapower® engine as a range extender in a series hybrid they are developing. (More massive revenues!)

Moller International (MLER) is about to generate massive revenues as it moves out from research to commercialization of it's patented technologies. The company spent years and millions in research and development working with with NASA, NOSC, DARPA, NRL, Harry Diamond Labs, Hughes Aircraft Company, California Department of Transportation and the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force in which Moller International (MLER) delivered many different versions of its Drones (aerobots) to various branches of US government both military and civilian.


Moller International (MLER) focusing on it's sky car production has already received orders with deposits for its Skycar 200 and Firefly volantors. The Skycar is capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) similar to a helicopter and flies from point of departure to destination much like an airplane. However, the Skycar has been designed to also travel at low speed for short distances on the ground like an automobile. It has fold-up wings which make it narrow enough to be usable on roadways. All this and, incredibly, it's easy to fly!

Skycar 200 and Firefly volantors

There is an exception in the FAA rules for airplanes that weigh less than about 1400lbs. They are called Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). Moller International (MLER) plan to work with the FAA to create a category for powered lift aircraft which has the advantages of the LSA category. The Firefly is a is particularly suitable for: Border Patrol, Search and Rescue and Utility Use 

Awesome share structure, as of February 19, 2015 there were 150M A/S and 69,379,796 shares of common stock outstanding meaning that when the share price rises it can rise quickly with the limited number of shares available!

Moller International (MLER) will eventually be uplisted to a senior exchange if it is not purchased by a bigger company which is highly likely! Currently MLER shares are trading around a penny, with it's new revenues and continued growth look for MLER to be trading in the multi dollar range within 12 months.

President and Chairman of the Board Dr. Moller has received 43 patents including the first U.S. patent on a fundamentally new form of powered lift aircraft

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