Thursday, April 9, 2015

How Did She Know_Plug Power (PLUG) To Confirm Tesla (TSLA) Meetings Monday Predicts Sierra World Equity Review

HEADLINE: How Did She Know_Plug Power (PLUG) To Confirm Tesla (TSLA) Meetings Monday Predicts Sierra World Equity Review. Shares of PLUG finished higher up over 5% during Thursday's trading session. Look for the official news, when it breaks remember Sierra called this first!

****Our Latest Publisher Pick is BRAVADA INTL (BRAV)****

Many of our publisher picks rise 100%, 200% or more once they hit the front page of our blog. Get some, sit back and enjoy the ride! Past big winners include BSTO, XCLL, HHSE, UAPC, AEMD, XTRN, RGMI, PPCH, TSGL, RCGP, GNPT and a couple of our most recent picks IHSI and MLER that more than doubled in 24 hours!

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With over 1 million visitors to our blog and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest publisher pick BRAVADA INTL (BRAV), it is the most undervalued sub penny stock we have ever seen!! With millions in revenues that are increasing quarter over quarter, AWESOME six figure revenues reported EVERY QUARTER since 2011, zero dilution in over 4 years, a share buy back program in 2013 due to the increasing amount of free cash and now operations expanding being financed by profits of existing revenue streams. Now is the time to buy shares of BRAVADA INTL (BRAV) trading at historic lows with revenues set to EXPLODE exponentially!

Here's why our publisher has initiated a long position in BRAVADA INTL (BRAV):


-  In 2014 almost 1.5 MILLION dollars from online sales revenues and $225,000 sales from it brick and mortar stores (insanely undervalued with current share price at 0.0021 cents)

-Revenues increasing quarter over quarter, Revenues grew to over half a MILLION dollars in the last quarter up over 60% from the previous quarter!

- Has reported six figure revenues EVERY QUARTER since 2011 and now revenues are exploding exponentially! 

- Blue skies are ahead, with ecommerce sales goal of revenues of $1.2 MILLION per month or $40,000 per day projected!

- Zero dilution in over 4 years, cash flow positive! (how many sub-penny stocks can say that!)

- Over $1.2 Million in assets end of 2014 (very healthy!)

-Financing it's growth and expansion with profits of existing revenue streams (NO toxic financing, a VERY good thing)

-Creating share holder value, in 2013 The Board of Directors approved a share buyback program due to the increasing amount of free cash flow generated by its operations as well as the opinion that "the shares of its common stock are dramatically undervalued given its annualized revenue, growth rate and profitability†BRAVADA International is growing at a rapid pace and we expect this growth trend to continue....I believe that our share price is grossly undervalued and we intend to take full advantage by using our growing free cash-flow to reduce our total shares outstanding. All shares purchased will be returned to treasury and retired" stated Danny Alex, CEO of BRAVADA International. As revenues continue to soar in 2015 and 2016 look for a continuance of the share buy back program, a sharp rise in the share price and an uplisting to a senior exchange!

BRAVADA INTL (BRAV) first 30 second and 60 second TV commercials airing in 2015

Expanding operations via a nationwide franchise program : BRAVADA INTL (BRAV) has been laying the framework that would allow it to open new World of Leggings retail stores at an uninterrupted pace. Retail store growth is expected to take two forms, corporate stores and franchise stores, in both the United States and Canada. There is an expectation that as new retail stores are opened and its online ecommerce enterprise continues to expand, hyper growth can be achieved well past 2015 based on current demand and growth rates.


The Company’s markets, sells and distributes women’s apparel, primarily women’s leg fashion, leggings and bodysuits, Canada and Australia provide strong international sales while the majority of revenues are generated in the USA. 
The Women’s leg fashion niche is one of the fastest growing categories for Women’s fashion, the competition offers fewer selections with lower quality leggings.

BRAVADA INTL (BRAV) owns and operates, the largest online leg fashion superstore,, an online women's fashion superstore, World of Leggings, an online and real world leggings superstore specializing in "Made in the USA" leg fashion as well as the Fashion Habitat network of websites.

As well as:,,,,,,,, and

BRAVADA INTL (BRAV)  is based in Los Angeles, California next to the USA’s largest clothing factory districts, which enables the company to buy direct from the manufactures from the USA.The majority of BRAVADA INTL (BRAV) merchandise and Women's Fashion Apparel is Made in America.

BRAVADA INTL (BRAV) has been featured on the television show “Built in America” that airs on the Fox Business Network”Built in America” is a 30 minute television program which showcases companies whose products are Made in the USA as well as on Good Morning America 

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