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12/18/2016 - Solaris Power Cells, Inc. SPCL New BUY or SELL Rating Issued By Sierra World Equity Review

12/18/2016 - Solaris Power Cells, Inc. SPCL New BUY or SELL Rating  Issued By Sierra World Equity Review

Today's rating is a: SELL

Sierra's Accurate Biotech Buyouts in 2015 PLUS Top Selection for Acquisition in 2016/2017

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My NEW pick is ViaDerma (VDRM) a small award winning pharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells it's FDA APPROVED products in fields of medicine ranging from infectious diseases to stem-cell therapy. Their sales have exploded up over 1000% and are forecast to continue to INCREASE! With Big Pharmas knocking at the door ViaDerma (VDRM) could be the pharmacy stock of the year! Insiders hold over 60% of the float and they are not selling, they know what's coming. Now is the time BUY shares of VDRM while they are under the radar and trading at historic lows! Follow my picks and you too can become a winner! Don't get left behind!

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A Division of ViaDerma, Inc. A Public Company.

A Division of ViaDerma, Inc. , A Public Company.

ViaDerma (VDRM) Highlights

ViaDerma (VDRM) is a pharmaceutical company committed to bringing new products to the pharmaceutical industry through innovative research and development. The Company manufactures and sells products in fields of medicine ranging from infectious diseases to stem-cell therapy. The Company's products are normally applied topically using a patent-pending cutting edge delivery system technology.

This patent-pending delivery system technology. is what is revolutionary and has big pharmaceuticals paying very close attention. The technology allows for rapid mass transfer of the pharmaceutical active ingredient across the skin and into the body to provide immediate localized therapy.  

ViaDerma (VDRM) has seen it's sales explode upwards as it has begun marketing it's products, sales reported for the 9 month period ending 2016 were a WHOPPING $209,573. That represents a 1000% INCREASE over the same period in 2015. By any standard this is considered stellar for any new biotech company as they begin marketing!

Insiders are reported to own up to 60% of the float and they are NOT selling (they know what's coming)

In addition to the primary plan of developing and selling new products to the market, the Company is exploring the possibility of licensing the technology to other pharmaceutical companies

ViaDerma (VDRM) FDA approved products now have access to an estimated $15 BILLION global market, NO WONDER SALES are taking off like a ROCKET!

A Division of ViaDerma, Inc. , A Public Company.

Check out some of the FDA approved products that ViaDerma (VDRM) offers:

-skin cancer therapies (Cantrile)
-stem cell therapy product (TetraStem Plus)
-topical antibiotics (TetraStem the world’s strongest broad-spectrum topical antibiotic available)
-TETRA-STEM – a tetracycline hydrochloride ointment. An award-winning antibiotic/wound healing product that kills all knows bacteria, including "flesh-eating" bacteria. Tertra-stem also can be used to treat wounds, ulcers 
-topical anti-viral product (Viralcur) for genital herpes anti-fungal products for onychomycocis (OnyPro)
-hair loss prevention product (HairGain)
-ACNECLIR/ACNEEN – a salicylic acid based lotion that treats acne
-ECODERM – a colloidal oatmeal lotion for Eczema
-ACNECYCLINE – a tetracycline hydrochloride ointment that treats acne
-DERMONEEN – a salicylic acid lotion used to treat Psoriasis
-IVYMED – a zinc acetate based liquid that treats Poison Ivy rashes
- STAPHWASH PLUS – a zinc acetate based liquid. This is a non-antibiotic skin cleanser that kills MRSA
-TETRA-ABC – a tetracycline hydrochloride based ointment. This is an oil based topical antibiotic that kills all known bacterial infections. A water based version of this product is also available.
-STINGMED – a zinc acetate based liquid that treats most insect and spider bites
-ADVANCED JELLYFISH STING KIT – a zinc acetate powder, for suspension, that treats Jellyfish stings
-VENOMX – a zinc acetate based liquid used topically to treat snake bites.


A Division of ViaDerma, Inc. , A Public Company.

Expansion of Operations:

ViaDerma (VDRM) is in discussions for sales of its products with companies in Australia & New Zealand, India, China, and West Africa.

Staying on the cutting edge, In November of 2016, with the legalization of marijuana spreading across the country ViaDerma (VDRM) has introduced a product for the treatment of Migraines utilizing (CBD's) Calanoids and (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol 

Acquisition of ViaDerma (VDRM):

ViaDerma (VDRM) with it's incredible patented technology and projected booming revenues is a prime buyout target by a big pharmaceutical company. SWER is projecting that 2 big Pharmas, Pfizer (PFE) and Endo Pharmaceuticals are believed to have approached VDRM. Watch for more news on this!

Price Targets: SWER projects the following:

.50 near term as the company still remains largely undiscovered
$2.00 as mutual funds and institutional buying increases
$15.00 as the word spreads and hospitals and doctors begin using their products nationwide

More awesome NEWS Headlines about ViaDerma (VDRM)

November 30th 2016 "VDRM NEWS! >> Clinical Tests Show Dramatic Success of ViaDerma's Proprietary Delivery System Combined with FDA Approved Drugs for Wound Healing with Localized Wound Treatment -- This Leads to Early-Stage discussions with two Pharmaceutical Companies to Private Label Viabecline for Distribution in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa" 

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