Friday, December 9, 2016

Interpace Diagnostics Group (IDXG) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) extend buyout discussions through weekend at The Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center in New Brunswick predicts Sierra World Equity Review.

Interpace Diagnostics Group (IDXG) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) extend buyout discussions through weekend at The Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center in New Brunswick predicts Sierra World Equity Review. Shares of IDGX were sharply higher up 33% at the end of Friday's session. Sierra's colleague Natashsa has checked into the hotel for the weekend and will be working her sources to get the latest. Watch for breaking news, remember when it happens Sierra told you first!

Most of our publisher picks rise 100%, 200% or more once they hit the front page of our blog. Get some, sit back and enjoy the ride! 

**Our Latest Publisher Pick is  Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (PGUZ), the most undervalued biotech stock out there**

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Here is why our Publisher has initiated a  position in Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (PGUZ)

My NEW Pick is Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (PGUZ). It's cutting edge patented technology named the HeartVue™ 6S System allows for the non-invasive screening of heart disease. Incredibly the technology provides a 3d portrait of the heart in just 60 seconds. This is a huge game changer and the CEO has confirmed that they are now working with some big pharmaceutical companies,  2 are believed to be German based Bayer AG and US based Bristol Meyers-Squibb (BMY), both who have invested heavily in non-invasive screening for heart pathologies. With marketing already happening in Europe the company now has filed with the FDA for approval in the US. This stock is under the radar trading sub penny but that won't last long, the CEO has hinted at big news and stated he will be providing updates shortly, NOW is the time to buy before this tiny biotech gets discovered, they could become the biggest gainer of 2016!

My NEW Pick is a small biotech company called Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (PGUZ). They look like they could become the biggest gainer of the year, trading now in sub-penny range but likely to ink a partnership or even be acquired by one of the two big pharmaceutical company they are currently working with. Now is the time to buy shares of PGUZ, don't get left behind!

Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (PGUZ)  Highlights:

- An amazing share structure of just 21.6M O/S
- A float of just 5M
- Insiders own over half the float and they are NOT SELLING
-Patented game changing, revenue generating cutting edge technology that is desired by big Pharma
-CEO confirmed the company is working with some big Pharma's ( 2 of which are believed to be German based Bayer AG and US based Bristol Meyers-Squibb (BMY)
-Massive revenue potential, considering that in the US alone annually, approximately 635,000 Americans experience a new coronary event, 280,000 have a recurrent ischemic event, and an additional 150,000 have a silent first myocardial infarction. The ability to easily diagnosis heart disease will not only save countless lives but be incredibly lucrative, especially since the technology is patented by Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (PGUZ)

About Pegasus Pharmaceuticals (PGUZ)  

Pegasus Pharmaceuticals Inc. manufactures and provides an advanced ECG system for the non-invasive screening of heart pathologies. The company offers HeartVue 6S System, which is a screening tool used to diagnose heart and other cardiac diseases. It serves cardiologists, general practitioners, physicians, intensive care units, hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, fitness facilities, sports teams, and other emergency medical facilities


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