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My New Featured Pick is Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC), with booming revenues this nano-cap engages in the development, acquisition, licensing, and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Revenues have skyrocketed up over ONE MILLION Dollars and 387% in the last reported 9 month period! Now with the company filing NEW patent infringement suits against some of the best known companies in the nation and globally like Toshiba and Panasonic revenues are projected to grow exponentially as the company continues to see an increase in enforcement revenues through judgments and settlements, compensation it receives for it's management fees and patent licensing fees. Licensing agreements have been signed with multiple companies including a major US auto manufacturer and Delta and SouthWest Airlines. There is no dilution, QPRC is in the envious position of having outside companies lining up to provide financial backing! Despite this the company is completely and ridiculously undervalued trading in the sub-penny range! That is likely to change quickly as the company gets discovered. Remember at any single moment the courts could award QPRC millions in damages and more multi-million dollar licensing fee agreements could be signed. Insiders are hanging onto their shares, they know whats coming, follow the insiders, now is the time to buy QPRC while it is under the radar and trading at historic lows!

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Highlights for Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC)

Revenues have skyrocketed up over ONE MILLION Dollars and 387% in the last reported 9 month period

Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) has assets of $2.3 Million

In April 2016 Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) filed the the following patent infringement suits in the District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. United States against multiple companies including some of the World's best known companies


-Texas Instruments Incorporated                            
-LG Electronics, Inc
-Toshiba Corporation
-Panasonic Corporation
-Huawei Technologies
-ZTE Corporation
-STMicroelectronics Inc
-MediaTek Inc
-Bloomberg LP
-Charles Schwab & Co. Inc
-Budget Travel
-Artix Entertainment
-Hannaford Bros
-Garden Shows Production
-Emerald Expositions
-Zam Network
-Madavor Media

Prior patent litigation cases against Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Bulova, ePrize, Primedia, and ended positively for the company.All of those lawsuits were resolved prior to trial and in each of those cases the parties entered into a mutually agreed arrangement as a means to resolve the litigation.


Demonstrating belief is the strength of the patent infringement suits the Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) has filed, TWO separate funding sources (one being renowned litigation finance leader Longford Capital) have agreed to provide litigation financing for the suits which allows the company to move forward free of any undue financial burden.

No dilution, with an agreement to have it's litigation financing provided for Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) also has a credit facility with United Wireless Holdings Inc. through which it can borrow up to $1 million for working capital. Creating shareholder value and increasing the share price are a driving force for CEO Jon Scahill who stated that the company was "always actively seeking high quality assets to add to our portfolio and.... that the majority of our current assets have yet to throw off cash" as he preps the company for future profits down the road.

Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) owns or has a proceeds interest in 21 patents and 4 pending applications. Its patents cover a number of technologies including mobile payments, mobile data, online promotions, packaging, semiconductor, and rich media internet applications.

Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) has entered in 17 licensing agreements in 2015 and 32 since inception. here are some of the licencees that the company has worked with among others:
Valassis Communications, Inc.
ePrize, LLC
Bonnier Corporation
The A Team
Citrus World, Inc.
Catalina Marketing, Inc.
Sun Country Airlines
Newell Rubbermaid
Landmark Communications, Inc.
Meijer, Inc.
MM Holding LLC
Val-Pak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc.
B&G Foods, Inc.
Coty US, LLC
Crabtree & Evelyn
Trans World Entertainment, Inc.
Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc.
A major US auto manufacturer and distributor

Additionally, two major companies in the airline industry, a major movie studio, a major publisher, a major promotion/integrated marketing services company and a significant online entertainment portal are licensed.

Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) receives consulting fees for its services as well as a percentage of licensing royalty revenues generated from the licensing of Balthaser Online’s patented technology.

Balthaser Online Inc. is one of the world's most acclaimed and respected online technology and development companies. It launched its first online design system in 2000 and was awarded a ground-breaking patent for its technology in 2006. Among Balthaser's clients are Mac|Life (their Tablet Edition iPad app, created by B3, raced to the number one spot in Apple's iPad app store in just three days), Charles Schwab, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and Restoration Hardware. More information about the company can be found at
Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) services look to be in demand, the outlook looks good with 1078 new patent cases filed in the US in the 3rd quarter of 2016 alone and an estimated 6032 cases for the year 2016

More about 
Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC)

Quest Patent Research Corporation (QPRC) generates revenues from three sources:

- Patent licensing fees relating to their intellectual property portfolio, which includes fees from the licensing of our intellectual property, primarily from litigation relating to enforcement of our intellectual property rights.

- Management fees, which they receive for managing structured licensing programs, including litigation, related to their intellectual property rights.

- Licensed packaging sales, which relate to the sale of licensed products

Quest Patent Research Corporation owns outright or has a majority share in the following:
The company owns, controls, or manages eight intellectual property portfolios, which principally consist of patent rights.

Quest Licensing Corporation (NY)
Wynn Technologies, Inc. Quest Licensing Corporation (NY) Quest Licensing Corporation (DE) (wholly owned) Quest Packaging Solutions Corporation (90% owned)
Quest Nettech Corporation (wholly owned)
Semcon IP, Inc. (wholly owned)
Mariner IC, Inc. (wholly owned)
IC Kinetics, Inc. (wholly owned)

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