Thursday, January 5, 2017

My NEW Featured Pick is WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corp (WEQL), with MILLIONS in revenues, expanding to 25 locations across the nation, INSIDERS owning estimated 70% of the few shares available, with NO dilution, minimal debt, current on filings and transparent with audited financials WellQuest Medical (WEQL) is NOT your normal penny stock. Under the radar but getting discovered, read below why NOW is the time to buy shares of WellQuest Medical (WEQL) if you can get them!

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My NEW Featured Pick is WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corp (WEQL) who have begun a very successful chain of 5 Star reviewed full service Medical Walk-in Clinics. With growing annual revenues of over $6 MILLION expansion plans are underway! 

WellQuest Medical (WEQL) plans to open 25 full service Medical Walk-in Clinics in select metropolitan areas in the Southeastern and the Southwestern U.S. generating a WHOPPING $75-$100 Million in annual revenues

WellQuest Medical (WEQL) already has contracts with virtually all commercial health insurance plans,company self-insured health plans and the Medicare Program!

With an aggressive marketing program that networks with local businesses and hospitals WellQuest Medical (WEQL) business model has been wildly successful

Open 7 days per week and implementing additional revenue sources such as allergy services, hormone replacement services, diagnostic testing services, advanced lab services and telemedicine WellQuest Medical (WEQL) aim is to be one the nations leading Medical Walk-in Clinics chains bringing a revolution to the nation’s multi-billion dollar primary healthcare and wellness industry. 

Insiders are estimated to own over 70% of the few shares available, with a tiny float of just 5M and 36M O/S NOW is the time to buy shares of WellQuest Medical (WEQL) if you can get them! 

Currently the stock is completely undervalued, as the company expands to different communities across the nation providing vital services, revenues will SKYROCKET taking the share price to a completely new level. 
Short term price target puts the share price around 25 cents as WellQuest Medical (WEQL) gets discovered, with continued expansion and uplisting to a senior exchange, mid-term price target sees the share price rising to $1-$3 range! Long term share price of $5 plus as revenues hit $100 million per year and the possibility of an acquisition by a larger player in the industry like CVS and its Minute clinics who run 800 clinics nationwide.

SWER gives WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corp (WEQL) a STRONG BUY rating

With NO dilution, minimal debt, current on filings and transparent with audited financials WellQuest Medical (WEQL) is NOT your normal penny stock. Under the radar but getting discovered, read below why NOW is the time to buy shares of WellQuest Medical (WEQL) if you can get them!

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