Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My new pick is Founders Bay Technologies (IXSV) who completed a reverse merger with Intersecurity Holdings Corp. (IXSV) in mid 2016. While the name and ticker currently remains the same Founders Bay Technologies has had INCREDIBLE break out success, which has gone largely unnoticed! Now is the time to buy this new reverse merger (IXSV) while it is under the radar before it gets discovered!

Founders Bay Technologies (IXSV) big league clients:

DarthTraderWins new FEATURED PICK is Intersecurity Holdings/Founders Bay Technologies (IXSV), read the highlights: 

Founders Bay Technologies (IXSV) took over from Intersecurity Holdings in a reverse merger in June of 2016. From time to time reverse mergers and the resulting company often get overlooked creating the opportunity for significant percentage gains for the astute investor. THIS IS SUCH A CASE!

Founders Bay Technologies through it's wholly owned subsidiary CARECONNECT has patented proprietary software CareConnext® that has becoming the standard the medical industry. This technology has already been deployed by 48 hospital networks in US in addition to over 150 service terminals across 7 countries abroad!

IXSV patented proprietary software CareConnext® is successful processing of over 5 million health records daily. Medicare/Medicaid launched EHR program that offers financial incentives to hospitals that meet program requirements and penalizes those that do not. CareConnext® enables the hospitals to qualify for EHR program 4 times faster and at a fraction of a cost than any alternative.

IXSV has MASSIVE revenues of over $7 MILLION dollars for 2016 (This is just the beginning, no wonder INSIDERS are holding onto their shares)

IXSV has assets of over $13 MILLION dollars (The value of the assets alone values the share price at approx. 64 cents, right now it trades under a nickel, incredible bargain here!)

IXSV has only 84M O/S of which over 70% are owned by INSIDERS (Look for INSIDER BUYING filings coming, follow the insiders, buy, buy and buy! They know what's coming!)

IXSV is expanding operations through the EU where medical facilities are lined up for their amazing CareConnext® software in order to remain in compliance with EU regulations

IXSV CareConnext® software while currently being used in the medical industry also can be utilized in the Financial Services industry with little modification required!
The company is now expanding into this Financial services sector and revenues are projected to skyrocket!

IXSV is currently looking at the acquisition of several data migration companies in Asia as a foothold to enter the Financial Services sector in Asia, revenues generated in Asia alone will take the company to a whole new level!

IXSV already works with several Fortune 500 companies (unheard of for a penny stock, of course they will not be one for long, they simply just have too much going on!))

IXSV is also currently negotiating with the governments of Mexico, Brazil and Argentina for establishment of payor systems that would use their patented proprietary software CareConnext® (as stated earlier, this amazing software is becoming the industry standard in the medical sector, revenues will have this this company uplisting to the NASDAQ very soon)

IXSV has offices in Wilmington, Delaware and London, England

IXSV NOW is the time to buy shares in this emerging company, the rate of growth looks to be phenomenal as the companies patented product is in such high demand and forecast to increase as it enters the Financial Sector. The potential for a buyout from a larger player, in either the medical or financial sector is highly likely, what is for sure is that the current share price is going to soar as this reverse merger company gets discovered! Expect to see the company uplist to the NASDAQ within 6-12 months and anticipate institutional buying to begin even before that! 

IXSV  has a short term price target of 50 cents - $1 within 3-6 months

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