Monday, January 9, 2017

My NEW Pick is Wegener Corp (WGNR), a US based technology company! Read the AMAZING write up below about Wegener Corp (WGNR) and why NOW is the time to buy shares while it is trading under the radar near historic lows!


DarthTraderWins new FEATURED PICK is Wegener Corp (WGNR), read the highlights below.

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My NEW FEATURED Pick is Wegener Corp (WGNR), a US based technology company! Their incredible client list includes names like FOX News, CBS, NBC, ABC, Westwood One Radio Network, Dirctv and Dish Network to name a few! Awesome things have been happening at Wegener Corp (WGNR) and blue skies are ahead!

Year over year revenues increasing up 9.2 % for 2016 to over 3 MILLION DOLLARS, assets of almost a million dollars, holding 5 different world wide intellectual property patents! Demand for orders is so strong that products orders totaling almost 2 million dollars are backlogged! 

It is not surprising then to learn that the company is in the final stages of being acquired by Canadian technology broadband leader Novra Technologies. 
Wegener Corp (WGNR) BOD has voted and approved the buyout. For all shareholders of Wegener Corp (WGNR) this is huge with the share price anticipated to surge when massive Novra Technologies takes over opening up it's global contacts and worldwide distribution lines for Wegener Corp (WGNR)

Currently Wegener Corp (WGNR)has an incredible small share structure with only 13M O/S available!

Insiders are estimated own the majority of shares available, they are hanging onto them for dear life and insider buying on the open market is likely as the company tries to consolidate all it's outstanding shares prior to the finalization of the buyout!

Wegener Corp (WGNR) has NO DILUTION and a super low float estimated to be 1.3 million shares, currently is completely undervalued trading under a nickel, with the buyout completion imminent, it's amazing tiny share structure, coupled with it's current multi million dollar revenues Wegener Corp (WGNR) should be valued in my estimation at approx. 50 cents to $1 per share range.
Now is the time to buy Wegener Corp (WGNR), while it is under the radar and trading near historic lows.

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