Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our New Publishers Pick is Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ), a Wilmington Delaware bankruptcy judge has given the green light for their big chain rival, NYSE traded Michael Stores (MIK) to purchase them. Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) struggling under legacy debt of pensions had filed for bankruptcy! Michael Stores stated that they will continue to use the Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) brand name and assume their liabilities! NOW is the time is of the for investors to purchase the deeply discounted shares of Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) before they rebound in the strong control and leadership of Michael Stores.

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This caption below taken from the Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) website shows that Michaels Stores are now in full control of Hancock Fabrics website and have big plans coming!
Court documents reveal that NYSE traded Michael Stores (MIK) purchased Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) brand name, trademarks, website domains and other intellectual property. Court papers show Michael Stores (MIK) is also taking responsibility for some of Hancock's liabilities.

As of  April 30 2016, Michael Stores (MIK) operated more than 1,200 stores in the U.S. and Canada , according to a regulatory filing. In February, the company spent approximately $150 million to acquire Lamrite West Inc., which includes the small, regional craft chain  Pat Catan's  as well as craft supply wholesaler Darice.

Michael Stores (MIK) will continue to run Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) under that name, and just updated their website to reflect Michaels is now running the show.

Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) has an amazingly tiny share structure of 23M O/S float 19M, (this means the share price could move on air rising very quickly as investors compete for limited shares)

In forms filed with the Court and SEC in December 2016 show that Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ) had unrestricted cash and equivalents tottalling over 9 million dollars and that they generated revenues of almost $200 000 November 2016.

NOW is the the time to buy shares of Hancock Fabrics (HKFIQ), deeply discounted due to bankruptcy BUT WILL rebound to new highs thanks to being acquired by NYSE traded Michael Stores (MIK)

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