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Upcoming Acquisitions and Mergers, Discussions Happening Now Predicts Sierra World Equity Review

It's already a busy year with merger and acquisition discussions in full swing, Sierra's sources anticipate that the following stock tickers from different sectors across the markets are now involved in discussions behind the scenes. Look for breaking news, when it happens remember you heard it here first! Sierra has made more correct merger and acquisition calls than all the hot shot Wall Street pundits put together over the last few years, in fact no-one even come close to Sierra' accurate record!
Here are the stock tickers to watch, check back for updated information as Sierra and her team closely monitor her list!


Sierra believes that the first to go here will be $FNHI and has made that her Publishers Pick. Read below why Sierra thinks now is the time to buy shares in $FNHI and then check back as Sierra and her team let you know who they believe will be next to go the merger and acquisition way! Remember Sierra has made more correct merger and acquisition calls than all the hot shot Wall Street pundits put together over the last few years, in fact no-one even come close to Sierra' accurate record!

Most of our publisher picks rise 100%, 200% or more once they hit the front page of our blog. Get some, sit back and enjoy the ride! 

With over 1.5 million visitors to our blogs and thousands of visitors daily, Sierra World Equity Review will be giving MASSIVE MULTIPLE DAY targeted audience exposure to our latest Publisher Alert: Franchise Holdings International (FNHI)

My new PUBLISHERS PICK is Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) who are turning heads in the auto industry. Insiders have acquired 38 million shares since may 2015, what does that tell you? Through their wholly owned subsidiary TruXmart they have quickly become one of the leaders in tonneau covers for all of the most prominent pick up trucks available in North America. This small company is set to post revenues of over half a million dollars for 2016, a number that will be dwarfed by 2017 revenues! Forecast put revenues at a breathtaking $50 million in the next few years! Orders are backlogged as their products grow in demand! Sales are growing exponentially, for the last reported quarter sales were up a whopping 98% while distributor sales increased a stunning 981% and show no signs of slowing down! 

Look at this list of major auto manufactures who TruXmart Tonneau Covers are custom built for:

It's no wonder then that INSIDERS have acquired over 38 million shares since May of 2015, follow the insiders, no-one know better what is coming than the insiders. When insiders acquire this many shares you better believe that that is a STRONG BUY signal to the rest of us!

The stock is completely undervalued due to being under the radar! With it's amazing small share structure the share price of Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) should be currently in the 25-50 cent range but is trading in the 2 cent range presenting a gift for astute investors and the potential for thousand plus percentage gains. The float verified by the transfer agent is listed as 185,722 shares, you can easily see why this stock will move on air with even the slightest volume!

Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) has no dilution, has minimal debt with over $300 000 in assets, very healthy indeed!

Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) is current and fully reporting trading under the symbol FNHI on the OTCQB and as part of it's growth strategy to increase shareholder value is preparing to be listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) through their wholly owned subsidiary TruXmart has developed multiple products for all of the most prominent pick up trucks available in North America. 

TruXmart sells its products through master warehouse distributors, dealers, and online retailers in Canada and the U.S. These numbers are growing on a daily basis as are increasing sales through online retailers. They have major distribution centers in New York and in California. The company has also announced the opening of multiple distribution centers in Latin America.

Blue skies are ahead TruXmart revenues are projected to grow to a breathtaking $50,000,000 within a few years according to CEO Steven Rossi.

TruxMart is also involved in cutting edge development of a tonneau cover known as the Alpha Helios tonneau cover. This Helios cover is capable of producing up to 400 watts of electrical current through three-four solar panels, will be designed to work with the electric and electric hybrid light duty trucks, now creating a presence in the market. 
These trucks feature Li-ion battery packs coupled to an internal combustion generator delivering 80 miles of all-electric driving and extended range with hybrid efficiency. Patented and ready for final development, the Helios cover will open the way for TruXmart to work with these manufacturers who will be a growing factor in the marketplace within one-two years. Look for a partnership with electric car leader Tesla (TSLA).

Speculation and rumor regarding Franchise Holdings International (FNHI)

While clearly a fast rising star Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) has quickly captured a niche and leadership roll in the billion dollar a year Tonneau cover industry. The likelihood of a buyout by a larger player in the auto industry is highly probable, in fact those negotiations may be happening behind the scenes right now. The website of Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) has been taken down and visitors get the message, "We apologize but a new TruXmart website is under development." 

Often the first indicator of an acquisition is the replacement of the current website with the newly formed company website so that when the announcement is made the updated websites are released allowing for the minimal disruption in the flow of revenue! Both the TruXmart website, and the Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) are down giving the same message. 
With a new listing on the Canadian stock exchange now is a prime time for a potential buyout. Any confirmation of a buyout would send shares of Franchise Holdings International (FNHI) to dollar land and would be life changing for those lucky shareholders fortunate to be holding shares!

Now is the time to buy shares of  Franchise Holdings International (FNHI), it simply has too many awesome things going on to be selling at 2 cents a share!

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